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Avery Weigh Tronix XLR-12 display for sale. Open for Offers

$3000.00 (CAD)

  • Posted 04/06/24

Model XLR-12 Remote Display By Avery Weigh-Tronix

Highly Visible 96 High brightness, high resolution LEDs and a large 3.5 in. alphanumeric matrix display (4.5 in. overall, including bar graph) provide clear viewing of weight readings and messages.

Reduced Glare 96 Automatic dimming uses a light sensor to dim the display at night or in dark areas and is set to maximum intensity for viewing in sunlight. The polarized lens further improves visibility during daylight hours by reducing glare.

RS-232 Interface 96 Connect to any product with a serial interface including all indicators from Avery Weigh- Tronix or other manufacturers with an RS-232 port and PCs.

Detailed Messaging 96 Whether a simple weight reading or a detailed message, the 8 character (XLR-8) or 12 character (XLR-12) models keep your message easy to read.

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